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The 5 Best Hard Landscaping Elements for Your Brighton Garden

If you’re thinking about updating your garden design, it’s important to think about both soft and hard landscaping. It’s easy to plant new flowers, but hard elements give the landscape structure and purpose. Here are some of the best hard landscaping elements for any garden in Brighton and surrounding areas, brought to you by our professional landscapers.


Walkways are often forgotten about in garden designs, but they make the landscape much more functional. By providing safe walkways between different zones in your garden, you’ll encourage traffic and get better use out of every area.

When creating your design, make sure there are convenient paths between each zone or hard element, such as sheds, patios, ponds, etc.

Without proper planning, paths won’t get used, and your soft landscaping may suffer as a result.

Water Features

There is nothing that adds a wow factor to a high-end garden design like a water feature. When we work with clients in Brighton, we often incorporate foundations, ponds, and waterfalls to make the design truly special.

It’s important to think about the scale of the water feature if you’d like to include one in your garden. The quality is vitally important to ensure it lasts for years without leaking.

Permanent Walls

Garden walls are used in hard landscaping design to divide gardens into zones and create intimate areas. If you have a large garden, it can feel too open and uninviting without any walls or partitions.

Whether you want a welcoming seating area or a cosy firepit, we’ll use walls to create functional zones that make your garden look and feel incredible.


These often act as focal points in garden design and are perfect for hosting guests. We regularly install custom patios for clients in Brighton, and they can transform a space.

We have a range of stones to choose from and will provide samples and design drawings to create a stunning patio for your hard landscaping design.


No matter the size of your garden, adding decking provides a comfortable, useable spot to host guests or just relax outdoors. We can install composite or timber decking and include seating areas to make intimate seating areas for you and your family.

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